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Rwanda to conserve clothing’s of genocide victims

The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide – CNLG has started conserving the clothes that were worn by the victims of the genocide that took place in 1994 within Rwanda.

Rwanda genocide clothesThe US Embassy offered a fund of approximately $87,000 for Cultural Preservation and the good news is that this week the CNLG started preserving all the clothes that were worn by the victims during the genocide with works beginning at the Nyamata Genocide Memorial. This fund was offered to train staff on how the conservation will be done and this is goning to start at Nyamata were remains of around 45,000 victims are preserve and later extend to other memorials across Rwanda.

Jean-Damascène Bizimana the Executive Secretary of CNLG together H.E Erica Barks Ruggles the US Ambassador to Rwanda took a tour yesterday to access the progress of these conservation works.

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What to Pack on your Christmas Safari in Rwanda

rwanda-christmas-safariAs everyone is packing for their Christmas holiday, today we have brought you a packing listing of what you should include as you organize you backs for your Christmas holiday in Rwanda – also known as the land of a thousand hills.

The number one rule is to ensure that you pack ‘light’ and bring dull colored clothing specifically for outdoor activities since these colors don’t show dirt easily. Then you can have your colored clothes for the evening back at the lodge.

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The Tales of Bisesero Genocide Resistance Memorial, Rwanda Cultural Safaris

bisesero-genocide-rwanda The Bisesero Resistance

The Bisesero memorial site is a unique site that was constructed within the Bisesero area after it was swept by a wave of bitterness during the 1994 genocide. The Tutsi people in this region during the genocide came together to form resistance against the people who were trying to kill them. They retreated within the hills where this memorial is constructed and while there they would keep the enemy away by throwing sticks plus rocks at their attackers. This was actually the strongest resistance that the Tutsi held during that brutal time.this place can be visited during our Rwanda Cultural Safaris.

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5 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

When we look at Destination Rwanda, there are several reasons why one would opt to visit this country while on his Safari in Africa. The country is small but very beautiful and the Rwandan people have put behind them all the sad days of their terrible past and have build a safe and very rich country with a lot to be explored including the amazing cultural heritage these people have.

Rwanda is among the cleanest countries in Africa thanks to the strict policies regarding garbage management and litter of streets. The lawns are beautifully manicured while the streets are cleaned daily leaving no trace of dirt. You will be fascinated by this great cleanliness on your Safari in Rwanda.

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RwandAir secures ISAGO Certification

rwandairNot long ago, news hit the international scene that the fastest growing airline on the African continent RwandAir has finally received certification from IATA of Safe Ground Operations (ISAGO).

After doing a total and comprehensive auditing process much like e-IOSA, the Improved IATA Operational-Safety Audit, the ground operation department of the national airline of Rwanda has obtained the certification for the IATA safety project.

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Living in Nyamirambo a Place in Kigali that never Sleeps, Safari Rwanda

nyamirambo-kigali-rwandaLocated in the southern far end of Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Nyamirambo a diverse, extended and interesting neighborhood. The most active area of Nyamirambo is located close to the capital Kigali, however it also has another area called the ‘gangster paradise’ that extends all the way to the distant hills.

When you explore Kigali on your Safari in Rwanda, you will discover that Nyamirambo is among the most fascinating and lively neighborhoods in the capital city. Because majority of the residents there are Muslims, you will find several mosques in this neighborhood.

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RwandAir Focuses on Destination-London Come 2018

rwandair-more-destinationsThe shortage of openings for flights connecting from Kigali to London-Heathrow is considered as the main reason why currently RwandAir is drawing all its attention to Gatwick – one of the busiest airports within the UK capital. RwandAir is the national carrier of opting both domestic and international flights on the African continent; so as you plan your Safari in Rwanda, you could consider using its wonderful services.

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The Rwanda Long Reed Frog, Hyperolius rwandae, Endemic to Rwanda

rwandan-long-reed-frogThe Rwanda Long Reed Frog, scientifically known as Hyperolius rwandae is a species that can not be see anywhere in the world but only in Rwanda. It has been commonly seen within the eastern, northern, southern as well as the central regions of Rwanda at altitude ranges between 1300 meters and 1800 meters above sea level. these you can see on your Safari in Rwanda. Because the majority of the areas in which these frogs are found such as the Akagera wetlands and the Mugesera wetlands are found close to the country’s national border with Tanzania as well as Burundi, it is assumed that these frogs might extend into those countries, therefore meaning that they may be more prevalent in other regions compared to what the recent records reveal.

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