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What to Pack on your Christmas Safari in Rwanda

rwanda-christmas-safariAs everyone is packing for their Christmas holiday, today we have brought you a packing listing of what you should include as you organize you backs for your Christmas holiday in Rwanda – also known as the land of a thousand hills.

The number one rule is to ensure that you pack ‘light’ and bring dull colored clothing specifically for outdoor activities since these colors don’t show dirt easily. Then you can have your colored clothes for the evening back at the lodge.

Below we have listed the recommend pack-list for your Christmas holiday in Rwanda

Safari Pants / Trousers

We advice that you wear neutral colored pants or trousers especially  for outdoor adventures such as   hiking, gorilla treks, nature walks, squad biking among several others. The advantage of wearing neutral colors is that they don’t easily show dirt. Another important thing is to ensure that they are of thick material, that way your legs will be protected against any pricking thorns.

Comfortable long sleeved shirts or tops

Similarly avoid bright color when choosing which shirts or tops to wear. The long sleeves with protect you  arms against biting insects and pricking thorns, nettles and piercing vines, as you explore the wild during birding trips, nature walks, gorilla or chimpanzee treks and forest walks.

Safari Shorts

These are best recommended during day time activities when the sun is shining such as game drives, cultural walks or city tours. However these should not be worn during hikes, nature walks or forest hikes. At all times use insect remember to uses insect repellant.

Safari Hiking Shoes

These should be comfortable and preferably with good ankle support

Comfortable Under wear

Always pack enough comfortable underwear whenever you are traveling on safari. Its best to pack cotton ones and don’t forget to buy some detergent so that you have them washed clean.


Pack comfortable warm cotton / wool stockings for to wear in your shoes. These will protect you against getting cones especially after walking for long hours during the walks, hikes, climbs and treks.

Safari Hat

Safari hats are among the items that are a ‘must-pack’ as you plan to holiday in Rwanda. The most advisable ones are those having a wide brim. In case you fail to get one while at home, there is no need to worry as you can buy one from any of the craft shops in the country.

A Light sweater

This comes handy especially during the cold early mornings or in the late evenings.

A Safari Jacket

A water proof jacket is very useful especially if you are setting out on the early morning forest adventures like gorilla trekking.

‘Light’ Outing clothes

These will be perfect for city tours in Kigali and also for those nice dinners at your lodge, ladies can always pack a nice beautiful dress to it.

Other useful items include:

Insect repellent

Sunscreen cream or lotion

Hand Wipes

Sun glasses

Malaria medicine


Camera with Extra Batteries or charger

Camera Memory card

Flash Light

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