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Discover the Different Hot Springs in Rwanda

rwanda-hotspringsIn Kinyarwanda, hot springs are called Amashyuza and they are among Rwanda’s most amazing national tourism resource as they have the ability to attract thousands of tourists ever year on our exciting Safari in Rwanda. The only challenge is the fact that they haven’t been exactly promoted like they should be. There are several sites with these hot springs across Rwanda and these include;

The Nyamyumba Hot Springs are located in Rubavu District and over the years, it has attracted quite a number of local and international tourists. The number of tourists is limited by the fact that this place is still undeveloped therefore limited access as roads become impassable especially after it has rains. There is also no shelter for the tourists to use for example if it rains poor neither is there a nice restarts to provide food provide.  

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Bird Watching in Mgahinga National Park

bird-safari-ugandaMgahinga Gorilla National park is the smallest park in the country and was gazette for purposes of mountain gorilla conservation in 1991. It is also part of the popular Virunga conservation area that is shared by Rwanda, Congo and Uganda and it is probably Uganda’s most scenic compared to all other national park as it lies at a high altitude, really high in the clouds at between 2,227m-4127m.

This park occupies an area of 33.7 sq. km which is partly covered by forested slopes while the other part is occupied by the extinct volcanoes thus giving it quite a scenic view. The vegetation cover is basically the afro montane vegetation and its survival has been supported by the existing cool climate. Other vegetation types in the park include the bamboo and that covers 60%, there is also the lobelia, among other vegetation types.

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Chimpanzee Trekking in Rwanda – Nyungwe Forest

chimpanzee-trekking-nyungweChimpanzee-trekking, Chimpanzee-permits-Rwanda, Chimpanzees are man’s closest leaving relative and  these can best be seen in the natural habitats within Kibale Forest park in Uganda or Nyungwe Forest park in Rwanda. we recommend that while on Safari in Rwanda, you enjoy our thrilling Nyungwe Chimpanzee trekking experiences which will involve you searching the verdant forests of Nyungwe for these playful chimps. However for anyone to take part in this amazing activity, you need to have a Chimpanzee Trekking Permit from the offices of the Rwanda Development Board or through any of the tour agent.

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Best Tip for an Unforgettable Mountain Gorilla Experience

virunga-hike-gorilla-trackingMountain gorilla are sub specie of the famous eastern mountain gorillas and they are divided into 2 population with one in the Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest and the other in Virunga volcanic mountains shared among 3 countries which are Uganda in Mgahinga national park, Rwanda where they are found in Volcanoes national park and also in Congo’s Virunga national park. Gorilla tracking has been for years and still is all these countries’ most selling tourism activity and true be told, meeting them is an exceptional experience that no one can ever forget. However to be able to have a successful and amazing mountain gorilla trek, there are tips for you to consider.

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Culture and Practices of the People of Rwanda

rwanda-traditional-drumsLanguage, food, clothes, marriage Rwanda is a small country found within the East African region and the official as well as commonly spoken languages in the country are: French, Kinyarwanda and English; Swahili is also used in the country. It is a highly populated country and among the poorest in the world.

The biggest number of Rwandans is Christians with a very small percentage of Muslims. Between 85 and 90% of Rwandans are Hutus, then between 10 and 15% are Tutsi while the remaining 1% Twa. However something very important that you should always keep in mind while on a Safari in Rwanda, is never ask the which ethnic-group the people belong to considering their sad past.

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Bravo Rwanda: ‘Ubumwe’ Airbus takes First Commercial Flight Today

ubumwe-airbus-rwandaToday morning, staff of RwandAir as well as the Rwandans living close to Kigali International Airport are going to watch the brand-new Airbus A330-300 recently acquired by the airline taking its very first commercial flight into the skies. You can now access Rwanda for a safari or tour using RwandaAir’s new addition.


Following a couple of regulatory flights within the region that lasted for one week, today is the long awaited day when the airbus – referred to as ‘Ubumwe‘, which word in the local Kinyarwanda language means  ‘Unity’ will start it career in Rwanda, flying adorned with Rwanda’s National colors across and beyond the Africa continent.

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The Evolution of Rwanda’s Clothing, Safari Rwanda

lion-cloth-africaClothes of Skin

Rwanda-Culture, Over the several past centuries, skins of goats, calves and cows were being worn as clothing. After skinning the animals, this kin was beaten using sticks, the animal far removed and then spread out for 2 days in the sun. Afterwards, they would soak it in water so as t soften it before stretching it out on poles. There it was scraped to remove all the flesh using a scraper locally referred to as imbazo in the local kinyaranda language. The skin was then rubbed with grease so as to smooth it before being cut into pieces, assemble and stitched into the required size and design.

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Presidential Palace, Where the Rwanda Genocide Was Planned!

The deadly Rwanda Genocide that took place in 1994 over a course of 100 days claimed an estimated 800,000 t0 one million people who were brutally slaughter by local machetes. Many of the survivors were left homeless, without the necessities of life and to date, some have never been able to locate their relatives again. Today, the country has a number of memorial sites and museums which can be visited on a Safari in Rwanda where the remnants of the 1994 brutality are exhibited.

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Best Cultural Sites to visit on your Rwanda Safari

kings-palace-rwandaRwanda is internationally renowned as the land of a ‘thousand hills; but also popular for its rich diversity of cultural heritage.  Exploring the eastern province will offer you an insight of the different cultural sites found within this country found in Africa. join us on our exciting Rwanda Cultural Safaris and enjoy the wonders of Rwanda

In this article we highlight the best cultural places you can explore during your visit in Rwanda.


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The L’Hoest’s monkey Nyungwe Forest Rwanda

lhoests-monkey-nyungwe-rwandaL’Hoest’s monkey Nyungwe-Forest Safari-Rwanda: The L’Hoest’s monkey or the mountain monkey is scientifically known as (Cercopithecus lhoesti) and it is a species commonly seen within the eastern Congo-basin. They mainly prefer living in mountainous forested areas and stay in small groups that are dominated by the females. Their coat is dark and are distinguished by their white colored beard.

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