Living in Nyamirambo a Place in Kigali that never Sleeps, Safari Rwanda

nyamirambo-kigali-rwandaLocated in the southern far end of Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Nyamirambo a diverse, extended and interesting neighborhood. The most active area of Nyamirambo is located close to the capital Kigali, however it also has another area called the ‘gangster paradise’ that extends all the way to the distant hills.

When you explore Kigali on your Safari in Rwanda, you will discover that Nyamirambo is among the most fascinating and lively neighborhoods in the capital city. Because majority of the residents there are Muslims, you will find several mosques in this neighborhood.

By 8:00pm most of the places within Kigali have closed and people have retired to their homes, However, this is different with Nyamirambo, the people there hustles and bustle until late in the night.

Accommodation in Nyamirambo

For those of you planning to stay in Kigali for some time and prefer a place with easy access to the different town facilities, yet offering very affordable accommodation, the Nyamirambo neighborhood is the best place to stay. You won’t find any mesmerizing mansions in this area as accommodation is offered in basic homes.

Transportation within and Around

This neighborhood is well served with several buses so transport connection to other parts of this city is very easy. However the most common mode of transport you will see are the mini-buses –also known as ‘matatu’ and besides them constantly flashing light, they are painted with images of celebrities and play loud music. The neighborhood is very lively!

Where to Shop in Nyamirambo

Within Nyamirambo, the main streets are lined with several shops with housed in brightly colored building. These sell everything ranging from the food- staff, clothing, household items, vehicle spare parts and so much more. So in case you are living in Kigali and searching for a place to do you shopping, this neighborhood is a good place to visit and slowly stroll along the streets as you look through the different interesting items sold here. Unfortunately or sad to say yet quite perplexing is that in case you have had something stolen or snatched from you while in central Kigali, don’t be surprised finding it here in Nyamirambo being sold again. Some people believe that a number of items that are snatched or stolen in the city center usually end up being re-sold in the shops in this area.

For those of you that wish to have tailor made clothing’s, this neighborhood has a number of Senegalese tailors (assumed to be the very best in Kigali city). These are mainly based within this neighborhood, and also sell very beautiful good quality fabric.

Recreation in Nyamirambo

There is a nice cinema within this neighborhood, this double storey cinema has very large screen , well managed and properly functional sound system, as well comfortable seats clothed in red velvet. Unique about this cinema is that the management can play which ever movie you take to them given that you came with  provided you come with an audience of over four (4 _ people. Entrance fee to this cinema is Rwf1500 per person.

Another thing worth noting is that the largest mosque in Kigali is found in this neighborhood, so you can always check it out during your stay in Rwanda

Where to Eat, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

This area has a number of bars operated by the locals and these you will find almost on each street. There are also a number places that sell fish such as Ten to Two and Green Corner so fish lovers don’t miss out on this. Something hard to find in Nyamirambo are places selling pork – and this is because the area is mainly populated by Muslims. Here beers are very affordable, they mainly eat their traditional foods, the environment is very conducive and when you move to the areas on a higher elevation, you will be able to enjoy sights of central Kigali.

Nightlife in Nyamirambo

As most of the places in Rwanda close for the night besides a couple of clubs and bars, down in Nyamirambo life still moves on.  Even in the late hours of the night, you will find people in this area still walking about the streets, majority of the local bars are still open whereas in the clubs, the people are vigorously dancing the night away.

In case you wish to enjoy some alone town away from the city busy and crowded streets, Nyamirambo has a number of nice quite places where you can enjoy yourself.

The bars in this neighborhood offer drinks at a very affordable price, the food is cheap and nice and most of all there is plenty of entertainment (including karaoke plus the local comedians) so the night wont bore you at all. But when it comes to the washrooms in the bars, don’t hope for the best, remember this is not up-town of Kigali.

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