Places to visit during your Rwanda family holiday tour

Rwanda is one of the best tourism destinations in east Africa with amazing attractions therefore very suitable for family safari. Rwanda is a place of wonders, it called the land of a thousand hills because of the fact that it is hilly in nature thus making it the perfect destination for hikers. There are hundreds of different hiking and mountain biking trails, there are numerous historical and cultural as well as religious sites that you can visit. Every visitor is free to join and enjoy the traditional music, dance and drama as well as learn about the traditional rituals. Such activities tend to be very interesting for groups traveling as a family since they are very interesting activities for every age group.

There are various tourism sites that every family visiting Rwanda on holiday can go to and these places include;


Visit the popular Lake Kivu

This is Rwanda’s largest fresh water lake with a very beautiful scenery which is hundreds of tourists visit this place every year.  Hikers will have an interesting adventure therefore should know that this is their destination and its where the Congo –Nile trail which is the most selling trail to most hikers since it runs from Gisenyi to the south side of Lake Kivu. It is fun to bike as groups more so a family.

You can simply lay back and relax at your hotel by the shore or even go swimming since the lake is very safe for swimming.

There are no dangerous animals like crocodiles or hippopotamus and it is also free from water-borne diseases like bilharzias. Water spots include boat rides and motor boating as well as sport fishing.

You can also engage in bird watching along the shores of the lake and small islands. The beauty of the place, the various activities and the comfort you get while living in this place makes it very suitable family holiday destination.


Go for game viewing in Akagera Park

This is the place for those who love watching the animals. It’s situated in the north East of Rwanda along the Tanzanian boarder and occupies an area of about 1,122 sq km. Its in fact Rwanda’s only Savannah Park which is why it’s the only park where you will find the savannah animals like buffalos, the topi, elephants, there are zebras and waterbucks, the roan antelope and the elands too. Other types of antelopes found in Akagera include the duikers, reedbuck, the klipspringer, oribis and bushbuck as well as the impala.

There are also primates like the olive baboons, the secretive blue monkey and the vervet monkeys, there are also bush babies which you be able to see during the night game drives.

The larger predators for example the leopards, the side-striped jackals, the hyenas and the lions may also be seen.

With plenty with wildlife to see, game drives are very interesting and this is an activity that even the kids would enjoy since they will be looking at real animals. The scenic view is another treasure, there areas occupied by forests, other places by lakes, the papyrus swamps, other places savannah plains and other areas have those gently rolling highlands.

Visit the different genocide memorial sites

Following the 1994 genocide that took place in Rwanda, there are a number of memorial sites that were set up by the government of Rwanda. There are about 8 memorial sites in different locations across the country like the Murambi Site, there is one in Gisozi, Nyamata, in Gisenyi, and also in Bisesero as well as the Ntarama memorial site. These sites do act as cultural and historical sites at the same time because you will find a lot of information about the history of Rwanda and also all the information about the events as the unfolded in the 1990’s leading to a genocide.

These sites are very important sources of information to the young generation who learn about the history of Rwanda. This therefore is one place that families on a safari in Rwanda should never miss out.

Do the Kigali city tours

The Kigali city tour is another activity that will be very fun if you do it as a family. There are so many beautiful and clean places you can visit in Rwanda since it is named on the list of the cleanest city in the world. The family Kigali city tour involves visiting places like the national museum, the Kigali genocide memorial which is the most famous of all other genocide memorial centers. In addition to the various attractions, the friendly people will make your stay enjoyable.

As a family, you can visit places like the older commercial and business as well as residential areas in Kigali, you can learn about the various neighborhoods, visit coffee shops, the local bars for drinks and also grab a meal from the local or international restaurants, may be Chinese restaurants, North African, French, Italian or even East African and Thai as well as those that prepare Greek cuisine.

Enjoy the Kigali night life, it may involve having an early meal and then sit back and relax as you enjoy the music and the drinks that you wish to order for. This nightlife is a lot entertaining to so many people who visit the country from different parts of the world.   The hospitality, the wildlife, interesting cultures, entertainment, life style and much more that country has to offer makes Rwanda one of the most rewarding destinations you can choose to visit as a family.

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