What to do near and around Lake Kivu – Rwanda

Lake Kivu Rwanda – What to see and do

Lake Kivu is the largest lake in Rwanda and also the most scenic one compared to any other. This is one of the reason it iLake Kivus the perfect place for anyone who is interested in relaxing and chilling out by the lake shore in Rwanda.  Once you are in Rwanda on business or a safari  you will realize that this is the best place for anyone to relax or end their Rwanda safari. You can engage in various activities or simply relax after a long trip that may involve activities like gorilla tracking and any other primates trekking activities, after a long journey of hiking and also nature walks.

Choose to relax by Lake Kivu

You can choose to stay in any of the hotels by the lake and relax, unwinding and shake off all the fatigue you may have gotten during your visit to other parts of the country. There are lots of hotels for all kinds of people with in the area and they range from the budget hotels to the luxury/ exclusive up-market hotels as well as lodges so you always have plenty to choose from depending how much you are willing to spend on accommodation.

You can choose to spend your time chilling outside by the shores of the Lake as you enjoy the view. The time will surely be very memorable, you can read may be a book, just sit there and enjoy sun, watch the Islands and the Mountains that surround the lake or even just enjoy the breeze.

Rwanda Water Sport Adventure – Lake Kivu

There are really plenty of water sports that you can do from this lake. You can paddle from the mainland to any of the beautiful safe to visit islands. Just sailing across the lake is one of the activities that people enjoy doing the most which is why there are lots of people that go for this particular activity.

You can choose to go water-skiing, or windsurfing, there Kayaking but you can also decide to simply go for a boat cruise so you can explore this amazing lake using a motorboat.

Fishing for spot can also be arranged. You will be accompanied by a guard and you can expect to catch fish like the tilapia which you can have either for lunch or even dinner depending on what you want. This is the one lake in this country that is well known for its amazing water-sports.

Go swimming in the lake

You can do a lot of swimming especially since it is a very safe lake without hippos, no crocodiles and also Bilharzia free. You can go deep into the   in the lake and enjoy a refreshing swim in Lake Kivu lie around on the sandy beaches after swimming and.

Although there are many really beautiful and amazing lakes in various parts of East and Central Africa, many of them are very dangerous but this is not the case with Lake Kivu therefore one of the safest lakes to swim in Africa. Besides being safe, it also has just the right temperature which means, its water is not that cold.

There are various hotels, and other forms of accommodation facilities that have got swimming pools so if you are not into swimming in the lake, then you can use the swimming pool at your hotel.

Hiking, Nature Walks and Biking – Rwanda

Hiking is one of the best activities done around Lake Kivu that you can opt to go for especially since it is a hilly area. The hiking can be done at the same time as the nature walk and in this case, you will follow the popular Congo-Nile trail. You can choose to go for a one day hiking adventure but also you can go for much more days just a one day where you can hike or bike along for day’s one day experience.

This is one of the best places in Rwanda where you can enjoy some serious climbing since the entire surrounding the lake is hilly. There are trails where biking can be done for the bikers.

Alternatively, you can go biking and you will go through different communities (villages). This is your best opportunity you will have to interact with the locals and learn about their enrich cultures from which you can learn a lot.

Visit Rwanda and you will witness first hand that Rwanda is much more than just the  Mountain gorillas although they are the most selling attraction, you can expect to have a lot of fun  that you will surely remember for a very long time even after you have left Rwanda. Places like Lake Kivu are some of the places that should always be included on every one’s Rwanda holiday or tour  program and you won’t regret ever making such a decision.

Canoeing or Kayaking around the gorillas

Lake kivu provides the perfect grounds for canoeing and kayaking around volcanoes national park. Take a half day or full day kayaking trip on Lake Kivu.

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