This is a beautiful hand crafted en-suite on the hill over looking the Bwindi national park which is a home for the Nkuringo group of Gorillas and can be tracked direct from the Nkuringo forest camp for those who may have the permits and are above age.  Gorillas are one of the most amazing wildlife to watch for most tourists thus making it that perfect place to stay should you visit Bwindi national park.

The camp site has got two up-market cottages that are self contained, with water in the tanks to use to flush toilets but with out electricity and generators, only paraffin lanterns are used in the night and two bush showers and eco-toilets.

The campsite has got different accommodation facilities which include;

  • Two en-suite hand crafted cottages with a view of the Virunga and the rift valley.
  • 1 twin bed traditional banda.
  • 5 twin bedded budget rooms

They provide hot water for bathing though it is scarce and porters have to carry the water all the way form the river to the camps for the guests especially during the dry season but during the wet seasons, water is always harvested.

Nkuringo has got a fully furnished small restaurant offering fresh meals to their visitors and the food stuffs are purchased from the local market near by.

While staying at Nkuringo campsite, you can also get involved in the following activities.

  • Have guided village walks and visit the Batwa group of people.
  • Visit the amazing volcanoes of Virunga.
  • Go for bird spotting along the forest trail with a trained guide.
  •  Can also have a forest walk through the Bwindi forest.
  • Go for gorilla tracking.