Located in the south eastern corner of Rwanda, Nyungwe national park has  the largest afro-montane forest in east and central Africa.  The park covers about 1000sqkms across some series of mountain ranges which  begin from Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda and Congo which extend southwards into the Lendu Plateau in eastern part of Congo and it is one of the most ancient. Nyungwe Forest is a high-altitude, mountainous rain-forest in southern Rwanda established as a forest reserve in 1933. This park is an extremely  center of floral diversity with more than 200 different types of trees and a myriad of flowering plants like the other-worldly giant lobelia and a host of colorful orchids. 980 km2 of Nyungwe is typically tropical montane forest, combined with the Kibira National Park in Burundi to form the largest block of forest in east Africa. Important for its population of endemic species.

Flora and the fauna.

Nyungwe National Park’s biodiversity is so much astonishing according to the African standards and is one of the most endemic species-rich areas in all of Africa. It is therefore an important water catchment for Rwanda containing so many natural resources integral to Rwanda’s human populations. Since it is in one of the most highly populated places in Africa with over 8 million people in a country the size of the state of Vermont in the United States. Nyungwe is under constant threat from anthropogenic and environmental stresses.

This forest supports over250 different species of trees, shrubs and a large number of flowering plants which include over 100 species of orchid and other huge Lobelia standing out on their own. Nyungwe forest  has got those different shades of green making it a very safe home to so many wild life species, there are about 13 species of primates that it harbors like the chimpanzees, the L’Hoest’s monkey, there is also the strong Angola colobus, mangabey and the blue monkey. This is the only place where we have seen troops of more than 300 colobus monkeys traveling in the trees. The park has 25 % of the primates of Africa with its 13 recorded primate species thus making it a primate paradise!

There are so many mammals that live in this forest like the leopard, golden cats, bush pigs and also the black fronted duiker thus making this park the most important ornithological site in Rwanda keeping 300 species of birds and half a dozen are in the Albertine rift valley. This park also has got numerous streams and waterfalls.

To get to and into the forest, there are well maintained walking trails through the forest leading to various points within the forest and a good winding roads passing through the forest following the mountain summits. This forest is one of the few forests in the world where one can see the Rainforest canopy.


The primates species in this forest include the;

ü  Silver monkey.

ü  Golden monkey.

ü  Olive baboon.

ü  Red-tailed monkey.

ü  Dent’s Mona monkey.

ü  Vervet monkey.

ü  The common chimpanzee.

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