Sabinyo Silverback lodge is a luxury accommodation located 3km away from the main entrance of Volcanoes National Park with stunning views of Virunga volcanoes which stretch through Uganda, Rwanda and Congo because it is situated on the foothills of the mountains.

The lodge has 5 cottages, one family cottage and 2 suites. The buildings are made from local stones ,runs on a generator and have beautiful gardens where one can sit and view the different bird species since the park has 650 bird species.                                                                                                                                                                                 The lodge also has a bar and a dinning area where guests rest after trekking.                                                                                There is a library where the information about Rwanda and gorillas can be found and a games room

Each cottage has a bathroom, a dressing room, a sitting room, with a fire place and a private verandah. The family cottage has an extra bedroom and a bathroom.



Mountain gorilla trekking because the park has more than half of the gorillas in the world with five habituated families each having seven to thirty five individuals

Bird watching can also be done because the park is reported to 650 bird species some which can be found only in Rwanda and those that can be found in other countries.

Golden monkey trekking can be done because the park has a variety of them.


Room rates

The rates of the room vary according to the season.

During the high season that is from 16th July to 31st October and from 15th December

Double room $879 per person

Single room $949

A child under 16 years $441

During the mid season which is from 1st January-31st March, from 1st June -15th July and from 1st November -14th December

Double room $590 per person

Single room $738

A child under 16 years $384

During the low season starting from 1st April-31st May

Double room $384

Single room $ 384

A child under 16 years $ 249