This is a UNESCO site in southwestern Uganda in area of Buhoma and it is situated inside the Bwindi forest reserve and when you chose to stay here, there are higher chances of watching numerous mountain gorillas as they move around during day time.

This camp has got only 8permanent tented camps that are well furnished and built on wooden plat forms. The tents consist of comfortable beds, all of them are self contained bathtubs facing outside into the forest and are well maintained. Each tent has got a privately owned verandah where you can sit and having tea or coffee as you admire the beauty of the forest surrounding the place. From your rooms, you can hear the sound of the birds, screeching of the chimpanzees and all the other animals in the forest close to you tents and usually traditional campfire is lit where gorilla briefing is done from.

The meals are served form the dinning area which also has got an open area to give a chance to breath fresh air as you have your meal. The chefs are well trained therefore prepare delicious food both the local dishes and the international dishes, the waiters are equally trained to handle customers with a lot of care so that they can feel at home. All the soft drinks are included on the prices of the room

Bwindi AccommodationBwindi Lodge


Attractions at the camp.

ü  The so may bird species that exceed 360.

ü  Over 113 different types of mammals in the forest.

ü  Can also go visit the Virunga Volcanoes.

ü  The different tree species in the forest.

Activities include.

ü  Bird watching in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park

ü  Forest walks in Bwindi

ü  Safari lodge wildlife walk.



US$ 495 per person per night for a  double

US$  690 for a single per night