This is in the southwest of Rwanda and this accommodation is commonly  known as Gisakura Guest house because it is located near the gisakura tea plantation, built in a rudimentary way in a very strategic location at the edge of the forest and using very friendly staff team who make the visitors’’ stay more enjoyable. It has got 12 simple rooms sharing a number of bathrooms and each block building is constructed out of bricks, wood and tiles having  small bed but very comfortable. Meals in this rest house are provided though may seem a little bit repeated depending on how long one spends at the rest house.

While there, you can also get accommodated in the Africa’s resting sceneries  that are located within a walking distance and from there, you will enjoy watching a lot of vegetation and wild life like the different tree species, montane forest’s brightly coloured birds, 13 primate species like the monkeys, hundreds of butterflies and over 75 mammal species.

Some of the activities that one can do while at this place, can go for chimpanzee tracking in the forest except for kids below the age of 18 years, can have forest walks and they are not so tiresome since they last from one-six hours following paths that have ready been marked by people going through the forest, bird viewing since these birds are so beautiful like the blue turacos,the red breasted sparrow hawks and 24 of these are very much common in this section of the rift valley.