This is located in the middle of Bugotota trading centre just 15 kms from Bwindi Headquarter. On or after a distance,  the enormous conduits of the Virunga volcanoes dominate the landscape and gesture you as you move towards Travelers’ Rest camp. The landscape in the vicinity is of a astounding loveliness, one cannot even imagine. There, in the intense southwestern trap of Uganda the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda border , the Hotel Travelers Rest lies under the towering Volcanoes. These mountains proffer magnificent outlooks on the escarpment and the emerald-green Lake Mutanda in the detachment.

In the 1960s ,  the famous American  gorilla researcher  ‘gorilla-woman’ Dian Fossey who had visited Travelers Rest many times to do  here reports and paperwork,  to relax or to meet people said about the  Traveler rest  camp ; “It was my second home”.

Travelers Rest,  is placed  outside Kisoro and it offers a comfortable stay for tourists, who come to see the endangered mountain gorilla in the southern Part of Bwindi  who track gorillas in Nkuringo , Nshongi,the new Kahungye Family  and Mgahinga National park’s Nyakigezi.  It was  built in a rather colonial style  and completely refurbished in 1999 . Travelers’ rest  Camp   has a calm ambiance with reasonably priced twelve rooms. On entering the lodge, the ibis greets you with its archetypal sound. The gorgeous proximate garden is a home  to many avian species. While sitting on the porch, you can smell the fairly sweet perfume of the honeysuckle. In the evenings, when it gets cooler, visitors can warm themselves at the fireplace, outside or in the lounge. This camp lies under the towering volcanoes which mountains offer a spectacular view on the rift valley and the emerald green on Lake Mutanda in the distance.