These cottages are situated on the hill in Ruhinja adjacent to Bwindi national park which is a home to so many primates and with a very friendly environment offering first class service to its guests and all the comfort they may need while staying at the cottage.

They have got 5 spacious cottages with very comfortable beds clean sheets, well organized by those friendly staff member who are always there to serve you with whatever you may need 24 hours a day. They have got both hot and cold water flowing in the en-suite bathrooms, flush toilets. On a clear sunny day, you can clearly see he Virunga and the beauty of the sun as it rises in the morning, bwindi forest reserve in the southern part and Lake Edward

The meals are prepared by expert chefs that explains why the meals are always of the best quality this explains why both dishes whether local or international are always delicious at all times. The meals are served by friendly staff member who are got from the local community members who are trained by the lodge to behave accordingly towards the guests.

Some of the tour activities while at Tavern cottages.

ü  The main activity there is gorilla tracking.

ü  Birding is the activity after tracking. Bird watchers can always enjoy their stay since there are so many bird species in the Bwindi forest reserve.