The Lodge is positioned in Rubuguri village and it is the centre point of Gorilla Tracking of Nshongi and Nkuringo Gorilla groups. Wagtail Eco lodge is one & half hours drive to borders of Rwanda and DR Congo  in the southern part of Bwindi with access to both the nkuringo and nshongi gorilla groups. it is built with local materials, roofed with papyrus and banana as the ceiling, local stones as the floor and beautiful local furniture and thus making the place look more natural.


They have accommodations in bandas that are decorated with local materials and wooden beds to blend with nature. These bandas and tents have got electricity and private bathrooms and flush toilets. However single rooms have got shared rooms.

  • Two double beds in a self contained bandas.
  • Two twin rooms in the self contained bandas.
  • Four single rooms with shared bathroom for those on a very tight budget.
  • Campsite where tents can be provided if needed.

This lodge is located in a very conducive atmosphere with a clear view of Bwindi national park which is a home mountain gorilla and Nshongi is the only family of gorilla trek in Uganda.

Their restaurant serves both the local and the international foods for lunch, dinner and breakfast as well. The food is locally produced food and that is the main support that they can give to the community apart from purchasing their It has locally made furniture.

This lodge is locally owned which is a plus in business since most lodging facilities are owned by foreigners.

While staying at Wagtail, you can always enjoy activities like the;

ü  Community walks around the homestead, schools and may be meet the Batwa people.

ü  Gorilla tracking and bird watching.

ü  Join the evening cultural sessions which involve cultural dances, drumming, craft work sessions.

ü  There are also volunteer programs which are organized from one week to another.