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The Rwanda Gorilla Safari Company (AA Safaris and Tours Ltdoffers exclusive tailor-made Rwanda safaris and tours to the heart of the easiest gorilla trekking country Ruanda. Most people visit Africa to see the big five Animals but visit Rwanda to trek the mountain gorillas. These gentle giants have been in the care of some of the world’s foremost experts on gorillas, like Dian Fossey. Hence the reason why we can still be able to watch them i.e. mountain gorillas in their natural habitats.  Despite the fact that people travel to Rwanda  for the gorillas, Rwanda has a lot to offer to include wildlife, culture and adventure trips. Our private and scheduled group safaris and tours in Ruanda not only just for the gorilla tours, but  for much more. These include wildlife safaris, adventure trips, cultural tours and sight seeing holidays.

Our Rwanda safaris and trips take you to visit volcanoes national park, akagera and nyungwe national parks, plus the different cultural and historical sites of Rwanda. Are you looking to book a gorilla safari to watch gorillas and also experience the cultures of Rwanda,  or visit some of the historical sites of Rwanda, and hence hike Karisimbi the highest point of this land of a thousand hills?, AA Safaris and Tours ltd will help you book and organise the perfect tour and adventure.

Cultural Encounters

Exploring Adventures go far more with our tailored Safaris & Tours

Popular Rwanda Safaris & Tours

2 Days Wildlife Rwanda Safari

See the fabulous wildlife animals of Rwanda in this short to facilitate a good time and time saving

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2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Encounter the mountain gorillas of Rwanda that will make you feel the best wilderness time ever

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3 Days Nyungwe Chimp Rwanda Safari

Discover the great chimpanzees of the nyungwe forest during a canopy walk which makes the best trip

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4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & Bisoke

Hike the Bisoke mountain and encounter the endangered Gorillas for an amazing adventure ever

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5 Days Mountain Gorillas & Lake Kivu

Relax on the famous lake kivu and feel the beach winds in this safari after trekking the Volcanoes gorillas

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8 Days Nyungwe Trekking & Rwanda Gorillas

Visit the wonderful primates of Rwanda in the top national parks well known to provide the best time 

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8 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Wildlife Safari

View many wild animals in their natural habitants and have the best wilderness feeling in Rwanda

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14 Days Kigali Rwanda Gorillas Safari

Encounter the great apes of Rwanda located in the Volcanoes National park for the greatness

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Top Rwanda National Parks

Volcanoes National Park

Akagera National Park

Nyungwe National Park

We Arrange All Types Of Rwanda Safaris

Relax in the lap of luxury knowing your comfort and safety are completely secured. Enjoy one of life’s most exhilarating experiences (Gorilla trekking) and return home to share your holiday stories with friends and family. Fly by scheduled carrier or private jet. Spend a night in the super luxury Bisate lodge or five star lodges like  sabyinyo silverback lodge or opt to camp by the river side of akagera river in ruziz tented Camp. Experience Africa at its most beautiful since every detail of your visit will be coordinated by our specialists to suit your very specific needs.

If the gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda is on your bucket list, we’ll make sure you see them at their best. Do you wish to see the winding course of river akagera, we will take you to Akagera National Park. Are you planning to meet  and see man’s closest relatives- chimpanzees?. Nyungwe forest is the perfect place

Our Safari Vehicles & Driver Guides

For all our Rwanda trips we use 4 wheel drive safari vans and land cruisers that manage the poor roads of Africa. All our guides have experiences of over 3 years in guiding Rwanda and Uganda safaris thus they will ensure that you have a memorable safari holiday. Uganda being close to Rwanda, we can also organize a safari to help you determine the best place to watch or see gorillas. A combination of both Rwanda and Uganda safari will give you an opportunity to see the big five.

Our Rwanda tours start from 1 day to over 25 days Rwanda safari and adventure. Your trip can go as long as 30 days if you combine Uganda and Rwanda. However we can tailor all our safaris to include all your activities of interest. Therefore do not hesitate to drop us a text should you require to book your Rwanda safari holiday or tour gorillasafarirwanda.com.

Do you wish to be inspired or get an insight into our cultures, allow us to take you around the country and consequently you can learn more about the Rwandans.  The Rwandese or the Rwandans as we have recently become a common wealth member.


Ready to explore Uganda?

Popular Uganda Safaris & Tours

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour

Explore the wonderful primates of Uganda for the a fascinating travel trip of your life

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7 Days Wildlife & Gorilla Tracking Uganda & Rwanda

Hike the Bwindi & Volcanoes Forest that protect the endangered gorillas for the greatest time ever

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12 Days Uganda and Rwanda Wildlife Safari

Discover the wonderful wildlife animals in the greatest nature habitants for fantanstic time

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7 Days Gorilla & Chimp Uganda & Rwanda

Visit the chimpanzees of Uganda as well as Rwanda for a stunning great experience in the wild

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5 Days Uganda Primates Safari

Encounter the different primates of Uganda including the endangered golden monkey for great memories

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6 Days Uganda Forest Birding Safari

Look for the different bird species which are uniquely rooted in the many forest area for ecstasy

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12 Days Hiking Adventures In The Rwenzori

Visit the rwenzori mountains of Uganda and enjoy the best hiking experiences of your life

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4 Days Murchison & Waterfalls Safari

Visit the strong waterfalls of Uganda in the this 4 days excursions to have greatest nature feelings

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Top Uganda National Parks

Bwindi Forest

National Park

Murchison Falls

National Park

Mgahinga Forest

National Park

Queen Elizabeth

National Park

Mount Rwenzori

National Park

Kibale Forest

National Park


National Park

Lake Mburo

National Park

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