5 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

When we look at Destination Rwanda, there are several reasons why one would opt to visit this country while on his Safari in Africa. The country is small but very beautiful and the Rwandan people have put behind them all the sad days of their terrible past and have build a safe and very rich country with a lot to be explored including the amazing cultural heritage these people have.

Rwanda is among the cleanest countries in Africa thanks to the strict policies regarding garbage management and litter of streets. The lawns are beautifully manicured while the streets are cleaned daily leaving no trace of dirt. You will be fascinated by this great cleanliness on your Safari in Rwanda.

Below I have highlighted the 5 top reasons why any holidaymaker should visit the Rwanda and what to see in these places


  1. To Trek the Gorillas in Rwanda

rwandaGorillas are the most endangered ape species in the world with just hundreds remaining in the world. There are only two gorilla populations on the planet one being in Uganda and the other in Rwanda. Our Gorilla Trekking Safaris will give you an opportunity to search the verdant forests in Rwanda led by experienced guides until you find the gorillas. You will personally be marveled by the sheer size of these hairy peaceful apes and also stare into their big brown eyes. It is a very exceptional and fascinating wildlife encounter that can never be matched with any other.

  1. To Enjoy a Tour in the overwhelming Clean Kigali City

kigali-city-tour-rwandaKigali is the capital city of Rwanda and it enjoys a very conducive climate. The beautiful city stretches over a number of hills and during our city tour, you will have an opportunity to visit various tourist sites and attractions including the museums which will give you an in-depth insight of the colonial and cultural history as well as the genocide that we all in the country’s past. You will visit the markets and even get an opportunity to met some of the people living in urban Rwanda


  1. For an Adventure in the National Parks

For any safari in Rwanda to be considered complete, you have to visit the different national parks in akagera-lions-rwandawhich you will have an opportunity to do some bird watching trips, nature walks, primate trekking and game drives during which you will see various wild animals including lions, zebras, buffaloes, elephants, different antelopes, various primates among others plus a great profusion of birds. There are three main national parks in the country and these include Nyungwe National Park, Akagera National Park and Volcanoes National Park. All our adventure trips in the parks are led by our experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled safari guide. We offer very comfortable and powerful four wheel drive safari vehicles. Don’t leave behind you cameras on this adventure.


  1. Enjoy Unforgettable Boat Rides on Lake Kivu

lake-kivu-adventuresLake Kivu is a beautiful lake found on Rwanda’s border with the D. Congo. It is the perfect place for any holidaymaker who is interested in having some un interrupted peace. You will have a pristine and scenic environment to swim. We do organize and conduct boat ride trips on this lake that are very rewarding.




  1. Visit Butare also known as Huye

national-museum-rwandaButare is Rwanda’s cultural tourism center which back in the mid 1960’s was also a very active and buy city in the country. it holds one of the best national museums in Rwanda that will give you detailed information about Rwanda’s past and cultural heritage. It holds maps, books, artifacts and several other relevant items that show the country’s transition to the modern Rwanda we see today. You will have an insight of the cultural heritage of the Rwandan people as you will unfold a number of facts about the cultural practices and norms of these people.

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