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The genesis of Kigali as the Capital city of Rwanda can be drawn  from 1906 when Richard Kandt was allotted the Resident Governor of Rwanda.  He picked on  Gakingiro as his head office and today his residence  head office then which was then  known as  Kandt’s House has been changed  into a Natural History Museum.  Efforts to collect more exhibits  are  still going on and whatever  is collected is displayed.  In addition to the Richard Kandt’s Museum, the Kigali city tour will also take you to ;

Kigali  city centre   is another interesting place to visit  in the Kigali City  tour.  Here you will visit the old president’s office & the flagpole of abhorrence Radio Mille Collines.  The most ancient part of Kigali is that segment around carte Marteus.  This  street is one of the most busiest in Kigali.

Another interesting place that you must not leave out while in the Kigali city tour is the Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo.  The is mostly inhabited by the Muslims and   it is where most of the youth centres are found.  The place becomes more lively and busy in the evenings.

In addition, the genocide memorials of Gisozi are another place that you must visit whilst in in Kigali city tour .  This is a permanent memorial for victims of the genocide of 1994. The site is built on an area where over 250,000 people are buried.  This is where those people who lost loved ones  to the genocide  assemble to remember and grieve.

The Genocide memorial of Belgian soldiers at Kamp  in Kigali is another site to visit . The is the   place  where 10 UN Blue Berets soldiers were  massacred . This happened on  day  one of the genocide . The Soldiers had been deloployed under the orders of Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, to keep the house of modest Prime Minister Agatha Uwilingimana.  After the violence, Presidential Guard soldiers attacked the home, disarmed the Belgians and transported them to Kamp Kigali where they killed them. Presently, the Camp is a Belgian memorial site that hordes a small museum and  offers a first introduction to the horrible events of 1994.

The Geological Museum.  The Kigali geological museum is an interesting place to visit during your free time.  However its advisable to book your visit in advance.

The city Market at Kimironko for foodstuffs-grains, fruits etc.

The Parliament building

Curio shops including Kaplaki the largest curio market

The Hero’s Cemetery at Amahoro National Stadium.

The pottery project of the BaTwa (Dancing pots) is located in the city centre at Kiyovu, below Banque Nationale. Ask for dancing pots and you will be directed there by anybody.

The new modern residential quarter of Nyarutarama with its golf course.

The genocide memorials of Nyamata and Ntarama churches-

These are somewhat outside the city centre  but they are easily reachable.

Our Kigali city tour will visit the Genocide memorial of Gisozi, Kamp Kigali, the Curio markets, the city centre and the city market.  We usually drive our guests through the Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo on the way to Ruhengeri. Nyarutarama and the Parliament building can be seen on your way to/from the airport.

Kigali Restaurants

Kigali has  a variety of restaurants that prepare meals for different continents of the world .

Kigali House Rental /Houses to let Apartments  to rent

Our real estate department deals with rental houses.  The houses available are villas (country houses) and apartments.  Villas are usually individual houses in half an acre plot, one story  with a lounge, kitchen, several bedrooms and bathrooms, car park and a servant’s quarter. In most cases the garden has a lawn with flowers.   The compounds are usually fully fenced with concrete walls.

You will need to tell us where you need a house so that we can look up for you.  We have houses in Nyarutarama, Kimironko, Remera, Kacyiru, Kiyovu.  Once we agree on the house, then our office in Kigali will arrange for your to go and view the available properties.  Once satisfied with the property, you will go ahead to sign a lease agreement and pay for an agreed duration.

Kiyovu is in within the city hill has apartments and villas for hire.    The Apartments cost between the range of  USD 1500.00 per month to 2500.00.   The same applies to the villas.

Embassies and NGO’s headquarters are located at  Kacyiru.  Ambassador Residences and high class residential houses are  also placed  at Nyarutarama. For more information about Rwanda safaris visit

Accommodation in Kigali

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