This park is situated in the eastern part of Rwanda near the Kibungu city and it’s where the savannah opens up with clusters of the acacia together with open grassland in the west of river Kagera having 2500 sq km as the national park. This park is dominated by variety of wildlife and a habitant for a number of bird species; there are long, winding swamps and lakes that follow the meandering river Kagera which is believed to be the source of the river Nile.


There are so many wild animals that have a home in this savannah and swamp like the zebras, giraffes, moving around freely within the savannah and the dozen of species of antelope which include the diminutive Oribi, the ungainly Tsessebe and the shy Bushbucks. Herds of buffalos and elephants come out of the savannah in the evening to drink some water from the edge of the river. Akagera accommodates about 525 species of birds, 4 endemics and big numbers of birds migrating from elsewhere and during a walk in this savannah one can get an opportunity to see the spotted hyenas, warthog and occasionally have a stray lion moving around. The water animals like the hippos, crocodiles are there as well as the shoebill stock which is the treasure of the Akagera together with the papyrus Gonolek.

When is it convenient to visit the park?

This park has got a very unique sort of climate which is spring like climate that makes the tour in this park extremely pleasant to all visitors however, it is always good to visit these parks in the hot seasons since in the rainy seasons of (December, March and April) the roads become so impassable which will make touring un easy for the tourists.

Activities at the park.

There are game drives with a well trained guide who help you find you way around and will be much convenient for those staying in a lodge around the park. The game viewing however is limited to only one main road that runs northwards from the park headquarters at Lake Ihema.  Navigating along water edges is done on boats and so be able to watch all the animals that with in the park and the river.

In the evening one gets a truly Africa spectacular view of when the sun slowly sets in with a blazing orange and reds mixed with deep purple and the sound of wild animals and birds usually at the edge of the river that meanders back into the savannah for the night.

Accommodations in Akagera national park.

Akagera Game Lodge

This situation in the North East of Rwanda in the eastern province sitting majestically on a ridge that is overlooking Lake Ihema amidst a mosaic of grass, bush and varied terrain of hills, deep valleys, lakes and marches. Akagera Game Lodge offers a superbly relaxed atmosphere and has been recognized as a superior venue, ideal for a successful conference, a tranquil gateway or an undisturbed encounter with nature. Therefore, there is no other region matching the resources of the Akagera National Park thus making is a very special place on earth, with its sheer diversity.

Akagera game lodge has got a lot of facilities like the shoebill restaurant  with charming atmosphere serving cuisine in form of a la carte or buffer meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the elephant bar and lounge, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a conference room in a state-of-the-art conference accommodating about 10-100 delegates and business facilities.

To visit akagera and watch wildlife we recommend the 3 days akagera Rwanda safari