This is located on Lake Kivu shores, close to Cyangugu port and can be accessed when one take on a forest drive through the Nyungwe forest park. It was built by the Anglican diocese to generate income for the church and it was set in a very beautiful environment with very friendly staff to welcome you.

The guest house can only accommodate 52 people in its 22 simple rooms whereas some of them are en-suite, other are simple so have got to share the bath rooms. There are two twin rooms with a bathroom and a sitting room suitable for those who travel as a family in 5 particulars.

Visitors are provided with all meals as they want them whether hot or cold at all time accompanied by soft drinks from their restaurant strategically positioned offering both a beautiful view of the lake at the same time accessibility to the Nyungwe forest park. However, alcohol consumption is not allowed at the guest house in an effort to ensure control by the management. This is one f the parks that area not visited often there can be a great place for those who want to have time alone

There are also other facilities provided by the guest house which include the access to internet services, telephone services, and televisions for entertainment during the day plus one conference hall accommodating about 700 people as well as organizing for visitors a boat ride to go watch local fishermen.

Activities that one can easily enjoy while staying at the guest house include the forest walks where you can see the different primates like the silver monkeys, chimpanzees though by chance, can also watch the many bird species like the sunbirds, mouse birds, ibis, fly catchers, weavers .