This is situated at the boarder of Bwindi national park with a clear view of the forest and it operates in travelers’ interests, assured warm welcome to all guests and help them to enjoy their stay at the campsite as well as benefiting from their tour.

They have got 3 big bandas, the eagle, Robin and Sparrow. Each of these contains 4 beds at $100 per night. Renting an extra banda costs shs35,000.

The 2 small bandas, Kiwi and Warbler contains 2 beds in each but can as well rent the entire banda to enjoy you privacy. They also have got camping facilities at $7per night. All these bandas have got heated water supply for bathing, use pit latrine and weekly laundary services for those who may need to have their clothes washed.

The meals are served from their well furnished restaurant which offers snacks, traditional and international dishes; these meals are prepared by trained chiefs and served by friendly waiters. Takeaway is also prepared for those who may be heading for picnics, gorilla trekking or on nature walks.   Other services offered include;

v Grocery facilities from where you can buy some simple commodities needed.

v Information board with all the reading materials about the place and wild life.

v They offer rental facilities like the gum boots, rain coats for those who don’t have and tents for the campers.

v A safe car parking area.

v Game rooms and areas for picnics.


Activities to engage in while there.

v There are community walks with trained guides.

v Bird watching since there over 50 species.

v There are also traditional dances that are performed by the local kids especially in the evening.