Bwindi National Park



Bwindi national park with its beautiful impenetrable forest that was reserved to ensure environmental conservation and protect animal nature, formerly, it was gazette in 1942 and later became a national park in 1992, then recognized as a worlds heritage site in 1994. There is a vast landscape covered with vegetation with steep slippery valley and high ridge. This is one of the most ancient rainforests in the country.  A number of animals about 90 mammal species including 11 primates, of which the black-and-white colobus, with its lovely flowing white tail, is prominent. Which have a home in this park and attract a lot of tourists like mountain gorillas which are pretty many in this park.

Bwindi has got very conducive environment, it can be a bit cold in the morning and also in the night and the coldest months usually are June and July therefore warm clothing s may be required, short rains in the months of March and May and then heavy rains   come in the months of September and November.


Bwindi is found in the south western part of Uganda, just about 530km from Kampala close to Kabale town and the people around a Bafunbira and the Bakiga, there is a small community of the pygmies and also supporting the highest rural population densities, the park can be reached by road through various routes.

  1. There is Kampala-Ntungamo-Rukungiri-Kihihi-Buhoma
  2. Kampala-Kabale-Kanungu—Buhoma
  3. Kampala-Kabale-Nkuringo
  4. Kampala-Kabale-Ruhija-Buhoma.


Accommodation for Nkuringo & Shongi Gorilla Tracking Families

Clouds Gorilla Lodge
Gahinga Volcanoes Lodge
Gorilla Safari Lodge
Nkuringo Campsite
Traveler's Rest Camp
Trekkers Tavern Cottages
Wagtail Eco Lodge

Accommodation in Buhoma

Buhoma Community Bandas
Buhoma Lodge
Bwindi View Bandas
Engagi Lodge
Lake Kitandara Camp
Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp
Silver Back Lodge



The are a number of activities in the game park however the main activity is Gorilla tracking there fore permits must be pre-booked from UWA offices in Kampala. Others include guided nature walks and one popular trail will lead to a beautiful waterfall, there is monkey viewing and also birding.

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