Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale National park covers 795km and it’s noted for having one of Uganda’s most gorgeous tropical forest and a habitat to much forest wildlife which include the primates with chimpanzees. The forest covers the northern and the central part of the park. In the northern part with a peak of about 1590m above sea level. The northern part is also well known as the wettest area receiving rainfall of about 1700mm per year. Rainy months include March-May, September-November. With an average temperature of about 14-27oc, temperatures are high in the south because of the landscape falls into the scorching rift valley floor.


The routes and distances, to Kibale covering about 26km south-east of Fort Port in Kabarole in western Uganda. With a size of 766sq km. kibale is a unique moist habitat,

Activities in the Park

  • Primate viewing
  • Birding/bird watching
  • Nature walks
  • Chimpanzee trekking.


There are two private and tree general campsites near the kanyanchu visitor centre and basic lodging in nearby trading centre of Bigodi and Nkingo, and the accommodation in Fort Portal, 35 km to the north, then the Luxury lodges include.

  • Ndali lodge.
  • Mantana luxury tented camp.
  • Kibale forest camp
  • Primate Lodge Kibale
  • Chimps nest
  • Kanyanchu River camp
  • Nyinambulwa country resort.

When to go there

 Though the seasons are sort of unpredictable, Kibale national park is much more interesting during the dry seasons as movement can be a lot easier than in the rainy seasons when routes may become impassable.

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