Kidepo Valley National Park

One of Uganda’s most spectacular parks. It is 1,442 square kilometers and harbors scenery unsurpassed in any other park in East Africa. ‘It could not be any better’ is a common comment on the scenery by visitors who often promise and do come back to Kidepo. Tucked into the corner of Uganda’s border with Sudan and Kenya, the park offers breathtaking Savannah landscapes, which end in rugged horizon. A huge latitudinal range and correspondingly wide climatic conditions have evolved an extremely diverse flora. As a result the variety of animal species in the park is equally abundant including many which are found no where else in Uganda. Tree viewing and identification is one of the interesting tourist activities on any Uganda Safari through Kidepo National Park. Open tree savannah is the best description for the vegetation found in the park, and this varies much in structure and composition. Some of the hills are dominated by dry mountain forest, where as areas around the lorupei river support dense acacia geradi forest.

How to get there

It can be reached by road and by air; there are four routes, one via Mbale to the east of Lake Kyoga to reach Northern Uganda, another via Karuma. Though, visitors should note that the mainly used route is that from kotido to kaabong via kanawat.

Road Transport:
Kampala-Lira-Kotido-Kidepo-705 km
Kampala-Mbale-Soroti-Moroto-Kidepo-792 km
Kampala-Mbale-Sironko-Kotido-Kideop-740 km
Kampala-Soroti -Kotido via Amuria 656 km

Activities there

  • Game viewing
  • Hiking and scenery viewing
  • Nature walks
  • Animal viewing.

Accommodation facilities.

The national park itself operates a self catering hostel that comprises of 14 bandas and each banda has 2 beds and beddings

There is;

  • Nga Moru wilderness camp,
  • Apoka Hostel.
  • Apoka Lodge.


When to go there.

Wildlife at kidepo is more enjoyable especially during the dry season. Guided walks at kidepo start from Apoka and Visitors may view a variety of wild life from the verandah of Apoka Rest Camp.

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