Gishwati- Mukura national park

Recently the Rwanda government confirmed that the Gishwati-Mukura forest reserve has become the country’s 4th National Park and it is expected to help boost the tourism business in the country. It will also act as a resource for researchers, conservationists therefore help in the environment and the ecosystem preservation or protection. This has come a year after it was officially Gazette as a forest reserve.

Gishwati-Mukura is the product after Mukura and Gishwati forests were combined in 2015 when the idea of making the 4th park came up. This forest occupies an area of about 3,558 hectares with about 1570 in Gishwati and the rest of land of about 1,988 hectares in Mukura. This is the western province in the districts of Rutsiro and Ngororero.      The creation of the Gishwati-Mukura National Park has given both these forested areas an official status of protection and to keep animals from wondering off, there a wildlife corridor established that connects the 2 forests to each other and proceeds downwards towards Nyungwe Forest.

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Tourism activities to do while in Gishwati- Mukura

This park is a home to variety of amazing flora and fauna species.  Just like the 3 old National park, this forest which is now a national park is really blessed with quality and variety of flora and fauna including more than 60 different tree species for example there is the hard wood, the bamboo and many more others thus the reason it was listed as preservation site even back then in 1933.

Primates watching

On its list of that incredible biodiversity is the big number of primate species which include the Black and White colobus monkeys, Blue Monkeys, there are Golden Monkeys, the L’Hoest Monkeys, baboons, among so many others. There is also a chance that you meet some habituated chimpanzees in this park which means, chimpanzee trekking is also possible.  There are also several other small animals like the serval cats, the black  fronted duikers, among others which are seen all over the park they enjoy free movement provided by the existence of the  a corridor.

Bird watching

Birding is done at the same time as the nature walks around the jungle. There are over 132 different bird species living in this jungle.

Nature walks and hiking

Though not yet fully developed, there are trails that you can follow if you choose to go for hiking or take nature walks. These trails are quite similar to those in Nyungwe forest. These guided really scenic nature walks take you through the rich canopies, the regenerating forests and this is the opportunity you will have to enjoy watching the birds, the butterflies, among other attractions.

Accommodation to use while there.

There are a few accommodation facilities where you can spend your night when you visit Gishwati-Mukura national park. These may be those that tourists use when they visit Nyungwe forest national park but the most ideal will be the Gishwati lodge once it fully opens

Gishwati lodge

Gishwati Lodge will offer a combination of both luxurious, the adventurous essence. This beautiful rustic forest lodge will be completely ready to operate by the year 2018 and will provide the guests with quick access to both the golden monkeys and the habituated chimpanzee communities living within the within these not really explored forests.

The introduction of a 4th national park is very exciting news for the government of Rwanda which is why it is very much willing to help with  stabilizing and protecting these two forested areas. Once Gishwati lodge which is the only lodge set up in the area is operating, this park is like to fetch a lot more revenue for the government of Rwanda. 

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