Semliki National Park

This is a very dense forest and vast part of the great Ituri Forest that stretches in the DR.Congo, It is the only in Uganda composed primary of tropical lowland forest, land is quiet flat and creating a startling contrast to the rugged Rwenzori mountains nearby. There are a number of animals in the park like elephant, buffalo, leopard civet, bushbaby including 8 species of primates roughly 400 species of bird, almost 300 species of butterflies.


It’s located in the far west, 50km from Fort Portal an it only takes 2 hours on the fort portal road. It is accessible by public transport from fort portal and the headquarters are closer to Bundibugyo at is from fort portal, a long the northern tip of the Ruwenzori. You can travel to Semuliki National Park by road, the Kampala-Fort portal via Mubende is much shorter, the Kampala-Fort portal via Masaka then Mbarara and Kasese gives you opportunity to see or Visit Lake Mburo National Park, Kyambura Wildlife Reserve, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Ruwenzori Mountains National Park. Getting there , there are two major roads to be used,

Kampala-Fort Portal via Mubende is about 180 Km

Kampala -Fort Portal via Masaka, Mbarara, and Kasese is about465 Km (7-8 hrs).


  1. The park has got limited accommodation facilities however, but there are some of them in Fort Portal and Bundibugyo. There is a camp site for those self sufficient at Bumaga inside the park close the park HQ at Ntandi. Currently until the construction of the new camp is complete, it is possible to camp at Sempaya gate and visitors not camping may have to consider accommodation either in Bundibugyo or Fort portal. Banda accommodation is also proposed.
  2. 2.    Semliki Safari Lodge:

What to do there

  • Fantastic scenery,
  • hot springs,
  • forest jungle
  • birding
  • primate viewing
  • Hiking.
  • When to visit
  • Any time, during the year.