Rwenzori National Park

The 120km Ruwenzori chain is regarded to be the legendary snow-capped Mountains of the Moon, described by Ptolemy in AD150. Reaching an elevation of 5,109m, it is also Africa’s tallest mountain range, exceeded in altitude only by the free-standing Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro.

The distinctive glacial peaks are visible for miles around, but the slopes above 1,600m are the preserve of hikers, who rate the Ruwenzori’s to be the most challenging of all African mountains.

A variety of large mammals inhabits the lower slopes, but the Ruwenzori’ are notable more for their majestic scenery and varied vegetation. The trails lead through rainforest rattling with monkeys and birds, and then tall bamboo forest, before emerging on the high-altitude moorland zone, a landscape of bizarre giant lobelias, towered over by black rock and white snow, looking for the entire world like the set of a science fiction film.


Its lies a few kilometers away north of the equator above the Albertine trailhead at Nyakalengija and can be reached from Kampala from the north via fort portal or the south passing via Mbarara and Queen Elizabeth[450]km.


  • Hotel Margherita: Basic Hotel in Kasese town with 45 rooms. Well located for visits to the Rwenzori Mountains.
  • Saad hotel
  • Rwenzori mountains safari lodge

What to do there

A lot of activities are done in the place like;

  • Mountain climbing
  • Skiing

Ruwenzori can be visited almost at any time when its dry since during the rainy season  roads can be abit impassable and the place becomes very cold which can make one uncomfortable so its important to carry warm clothing with you on your.





Accommodation on the mountain details.

 The Rwenzori Mountains services Bunkhouse which is located at RMS’s offices next to the national park headquarters at the entrance of the park. Meals are available through the local women’s group.

The Rwenzori Base camp guest house which is located in Ibanda village only 4km from the national park, with safe secure parking for the vehicle, comfortable surroundings as well as very comfortable beds and beddings.

The Ruboni camp with their offices in Kasese town, where a special hire taxi can be done and opposite it is Rwenzori mountains safari lodges.

In Kasese

There is Margarita Hotel which is the most preferred base camp for many trekking the Rwenzori. Located 3km west of town on the road to Kilembe.

Rwenzori International Hotel in the 3km from town in a quite residential area with all sizes of rooms.

There is the white house hotel which is centrally located close to the office of RMS, with all types of dishes.

In Mitandi;

Mitandi is found far from the main tourist trail into the Rwenzoro Mountains and a wonderful place to learn about culture.

There is Camp Norway, Mitandi which is 1800m in Rwenzori and 35m from Fort portal.its the most ideal venue for trekking Mt.Karangura.